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November 29, 2010
“Batten down the hatches” takes on a whole new meaning: Introducing WISP™ Window and Door Systems, the new standard in hurricane protection.

Pensacola, FL: High-intensity storms producing strong winds and torrential rains provide a constant challenge to property owners trying to protect their home and property from wind, water and airborne debris. The introduction of HomeRun Holdings’s new WISP™ Window and Door Systems with integrated storm protection means that owners can leave their foul-weather gear in the closet and their ladders in the garage. With WISP, storm protection is as easy as pulling down an indoor shade.

Constructed with robust 6-inch aluminum frames, industrial-strength thermal breaks and insulated glass, WISP windows and doors have a unique high-impact storm shade that’s an integrated part of the system. Made of the same tough, flexible, tightly woven synthetic fiber used in radial car and truck tires, the shade is finished with a specially formulated coating that makes it weather resistant, water repellent and pliable, designed with the strength and flexibility to protect your property from hurricane-force winds of up to 205 mph. Deploying the WISP system is as easy as pulling the high-impact shade down into the windowsill. When not in use, the shade rolls neatly into place inside the header. Certified by NAMI and recognized by the International Hurricane Protection Association, WISP Window and Door Systems comply with local and state building codes. They’re easily installed by professional building contractors, and perfect for new construction or renovation.

“Now you can stop water and wind with a system that deploys from inside, making it safer and easier to protect your home. WISP Window and Door Systems eliminate the need for outside storm shutters or plywood planks, either of which can take days to put up and take down,” said Gordon Wuthrich, COO of HomeRun Holdings Corporation, WISP’s parent company. “The system was designed to protect the interior of your home or property from damage from water, airborne debris and sustained winds up to 205 mph. With our window and door systems in place, there’s no expensive interior damage such as waterlogged sheetrock, ruined furniture or soggy carpets. And since all WISP windows and doors use standard insulated glass, replacement is quick and cost effective.”

WISP shades provide everyday benefits as well. Each window and door system deflects significant solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, resulting in energy savings. The shades allow light to come in through the translucent synthetic shade, while blocking the sunlight – helping to prevent carpet, furniture and art from fading. The optional 3⁄4" insulated low-emissivity (low-E) glass used in the system prevents further heat transfer; the thermal break prevents condensation in high humidity; and an air pocket between the shade and the glass creates an additional layer of insulation against heat loss or gain. WISP Window and Door Systems may qualify for reductions on property insurance premiums.

Custom-built to specifications, WISP windows and doors with integrated storm protection are available in white or bronze aluminum finishes. The Picture Window Series 1000 comes in sizes ranging from 24" W x 36" H to 60" W x 99" H; the Single-Hung Window Series 1100 runs from 24" W x 36" H to 60" W x 99" H; and theSliding Glass Doors Series 1800, all of which are two-panel sliding glass doors, range in size from 60" W x 90" H to 96" W x 96" H. Interlocking structural mullions allow WISP Window and Door Systems to be grouped for a custom “window wall” effect.

For more information on WISP Window and Door Systems, technical specifications or to become a WISP authorized dealer, call toll-free 877 939 9283 or visit

HomeRun Holdings Corporation, formerly known as the Wayne-Dalton Corporation, was established in the early 1950s by Emanuel Mullet. The Pensacola, Florida-based company offers a broad assortment of home controls, garage door openers, access systems, motorized window shades and storm protection products.